What’s up everyone. This is a short story I wrote for a flash fiction contest. It didn’t win (didn’t even make the long list), but I like what I attempted to do with it. Let me know what you liked (or didn’t like!) about it.

        burger-731298_960_720      “Remember babe, you have to keep following the breathing pattern to help deal with the pain.” I squeezed Becky’s hand as a show of support. At this stage, there really wasn’t much more I could do except be her cheerleader. “You’re doing great, I’m so proud of you.”

                “What does a woman have to do to get a cheeseburger around here?” Becky asked when the pain subsided for a bit.

                I grinned and pulled out a bag stained dark with grease. “You think I’d forget?”

                Becky’s eyes widened, reaching for the bag with both hands. “Gimme that.” She took the bag with one hand, then pulled me close and kissed me. “I knew there was a reason I kept you around all these years.”

                I sat and watched Becky as she ate, remembering our first date, our first kiss, her smile as she said yes, she’d marry me – I thought you’d never ask. She waited for the pain to diminish, then closed her eyes, savoring each bite.

                When she was done, I sat on the bed next to her, snuggling in close. She sighed, content. At least until the next wave of pain. I held her hand and coached her through the breathing techniques again.

                “It’s coming John, oh God, it’s coming.” Becky’s voice trembled. She struggled to hold back tears, and it broke my heart.

                “I know baby, I know. Just relax and let it come. You’re doing great.” I said, blinking away tears.

                Becky turned and stared into my eyes. “Don’t forget about the good times, ok? Promise.”

                I held her gaze. “I promise,” I whispered.

                Becky turned away then, breathing just how she was taught. Until she breathed no more. I gave her one last kiss and walked slowly out of the room.


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